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It was supposed to be an uneventful delivery of a barrel of Spectagons to the inner circles of the Plexajon system. How we ended up racing towards the ground at 3.7 Spiggajiggs an hour, I can't tell. Though, now we're in it for the crystals. We need them, or else...

All Systems: DOWN is a simple one-button game in which you shoot obstacles and collect crystals to shoot more obstacles to collect more crystals. The game gets progressively harder as you fall towards the ground until you can't handle it anymore and die, at which point you can share your Hiscore on the leaderboard and compete with your friends or try again and go for one of several achievements.

Be sure to try out one of the other available versions, as all of them have Leaderboards! iOS and Android even have Achievements! Woop woop!

Game Jolt

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