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Nice Flapthing. My thoughts so far:

  • slow down time near the ceiling, ground or obstacle surface
  • give bonus points for making close flybys on obstacles (switch to a point system :D)
  • dive is much more dangerous than flap as the colliosn area of the omegabird is doubled. I would keep one collision box.(Actually i like this change shape thing.... but I feel it makes the game harder)
  • I am bad at flappy games

I hate flappy games. Was an attempt to make a game in a day and try to sell it for a licence without having any exposure beforehand - failed, published, the end. Gonna keep on making games that don't bleed greed. Thanks for the suggestions though, if nothing else I'll have some pointers for any other action type situation I might ever develop.

Was it one of these I give you 200 bucks for a flappy clone things?


It was one of those I'm trying to make someone give me 200 bucks for a flappy clone thing.