Week 2: Sizing up the situation some more

That week went by quickly, huh? As promised, here's the currently inaccessible rest of scenes that are already in the game.

Remember those crossroads from the last post? First up are the three locations these will lead you to:

A woodchopper just going about his business. His hut will be enterable and I've got a couple neat ideas for his dialogue that I can't wait to realize, particularly because this guy wasn't part of my original draft, which makes me want to make him fit into it all by him not fitting into it at all ever so much. Also this area is supposed to be on a path that leads into the woods which I'll have to make a little more apparent.

A bridge which I have a mind to totally revamp because of dramaturgical reasons, and Trug. Who's Trug? Oh, who knows. Also excuse part of the window frame obscuring Yendor as he slides in, that's part of that haphazardly hacking in the inventory thing. Will get fixed momentarily.

A nice view of Bedlam. Yendor seems a bit big against the background. Probably gonna move him up a little and add a little something for the player to do here. Pretty satisfied with the scene overall, though.

Wander down that path and you'll end up at Bedlam's town gate. The text is glitching out pretty badly here. That stuff's gonna be fixed with me getting done refactoring my big ol' engine class. Otherwise kinda fine with the visuals and everything. Should probably give the player a little something to do here as well.

Welcome to Bedlam, welcome to purple. Gonna have to create the room behind this door, otherwise I'm good here, I think.

Bedlam's residential area. The game's first scrolly screen, also where I decided I needed to make a universal walking function that considers if the screen should scroll or not once you hit the middle of the screen and vice versa. Lots to be done here, even after initially being done here, as that's not the last Yendor will see of these sidewalks. Wanna know more about that shadow? Huh, what shadow?

Some more Bedlam. Included the fade this time so you could see how broken it is with the Bedlam palette at the moment. I was gonna look at that sign hanging in the store front but apparently that's currently crashing the game. Oh well, we'll get there. You can go to the right from here, making some secret event happen and eventually making you end up...

...at the marketplace! Meet Amok & Koma, the "bosses" of chapter 1 and last item on my list for now.  There's gonna be all kinds of fun stuff to talk about regarding what's gonna happen here when the time comes. That's it for this double feature. Hope I could bring ya up to speed.

I'll be back in 7 days. Possibly with some entirely new stuff as well as some fixed up and finished old stuff. See ya then!

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