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This game's a surreal Choose 'n Pick Adventure set in it's own unique world filled with spooky 'ol skeletonz, and you, a skull.

Your goal is essentially to make sense of your situation which will become more and more apparent as you progress through it's (eventually to be) 10+ chapters. The game will be split into two parts, stretching over about five chapters each, with your actions and decisions in one part influencing the situations you face in the other.

Unlike most Point 'n Click's, this game is controlled solely by keyboard input, with you picking your actions from the textbox at the bottom, hence the term Choose 'n Pick.

That's not the only thing to set it apart from your usual Point 'n Click, though. There is no inventory to speak of, even though you'll be gathering and using items left and right, your view isn't locked to the same third person view for the entire game and you'll be having bossfights.

This game is effectively the sequel to the first game I've ever made, called Skullz, and has been in on- and off development for about two years and I'm more determined than ever to make it the greatest game I possibly can and eventually release it to Steam Greenlight and a couple other platforms.

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Whatever happened to this?

life D:

I'm excited to see how this turns out